Here we have 5 pallets of strawberries taken from the cool room, 162 boxes of strawberries make up each pallet, they will be rapped and labeled so when they arrive at the depot the people know were they need to be transported. Most pallets are sent to Markets all over Australia were they are brought and sold to individual stores for retail sale.

One of turners trucks arrive to take the pallets of strawberries, Bernie loads each pallet one by one onto the truck using a forklift, the truck driver then uses a pallet jack inside the truck to guide each pallet into place before they are boarded up and locked into place then the fridge in the back of the truck is turned on to keep the berries cool.

Now that Turners truck is loaded and all the pallets are secure it will make its way into the depot to be unloaded and reloaded onto other trucks then transported out to markets and other states within Australia to be sold too shops were you would buy them in punnets.

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