Best Strawberry Jam Recipes

Eating and cooking strawberry jam was one of the favorite occupations in my family. ;-) Well, not quite... but apart from growing our own strawberry plants in the garden (by the way, The Berry Grower's Companion gives you all the advice you will ever need about growing your own strawberries), we planned a trip to a strawberry farm at least once every year.

Usually my father, my sister and myself would go to one of the farms, where you can pick your own strawberries and spend there about half a day eating and picking strawberries.

I guess, the eating was the best part of it :-) But we'd also pick about a hundred pounds of fresh fruits and bring them home where my mom was waiting to make strawberry jam, confiture, freeze the berries, juice them, make shakes, short cakes, etc.

We'd put the strawberry jelly in small glasses (the ones they use for baby food. Guess, where we got those from!).

Off course, you can use bigger glasses as well, but the advantage of the small ones is, that your strawberry jam will be eaten very soon, so there's no chance it'll go bad once opened.

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