This tractor is spraying for pest and diseases and works similar to a compressed air paint sprayer, depositing a concentrated water-chemical mixture on the plants, with less drift to non-target areas. We find a 33-50% reduction in the amount of chemicals needed to manage pests by this method.

These are some of our trained staff mainly overseas workers picking one of our 12 fields, which are spread widely over the farm. Is this field we grow the variety called camarosa, the pickers are to be very careful with this variety as the berries can grow very large but they are easy to pick.

This is one of our 5 pickup vehicles which holds 100 picking trays which are plastic for hygiene purpose, this vehicle runs about every 10 minutes to the cool room were the berries are unloaded then it returns to the paddock to be refilled with more trays of berries.

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