The strawberry runners are grown on beds made by a special machine called the "mulch layer" this machine forms the beds and also lays the plastic and tea tape for irrigation at the same time, the plastic is used to keep dirt of the berries and for weed control and to also limit the disease’s from the berries.

After the flowers bloom, it usually takes about one month before the strawberries are ripe. The best part about strawberry plants is that they’ll keep blooming and producing fruit during the harvest season. When you look at a plant during harvest season, you’ll see strawberries in many different stages of development: flowers, tiny green berries, larger green berries, big white berries and finally ripe red berries.

Once planted, the young plants need a lot help for the next month or two. Watering the fields and pulling weeds are the normal winter and spring cultivation activities. We lightly chisel the soil in the furrows to knock down weeds and smooth out the surface to make walking between the rows easier once harvest begins.

Each plant is picked two or three times a week. Strawberries are picked at the peak of juicy ripeness and do not ripen any more once picked. After picking, strawberries are rushed to cooling facilities where the field heat is sucked out of the berries using large fans in cold rooms bringing the fruit temperature down.

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