All strawberries from the fields are picked and loaded onto the trucks, then transported on the trucks to the cold rooms. Then they are sorted and packed by our packing staff at koogie downs, All packers have easy access to the trays from the bench while they are packing, each bench holds a total of 12 packers.

As the strawberries are sorted and packed by our trained staff, they are then put onto the conveyer belt to go down the line through the wrapping machine which wraps and labels them, they are then moved onto the turntable were the staff checks each punnet for defects then put into boxes were they are then palletized and loaded via pallet jack into the cool room to await transportation.

Here at Koogie downs we provide our workers with a clean place to sit down and enjoy their lunch and afternoon tea. We also provide hot water for those cold winter days so you can have a hot cup of tea or coffee. After every meal break it is a rule that our packers wash their hands.

When packaged, the strawberries must not be slack, over pressed or otherwise in a condition likely to result in permanent damage during handling or in transit. Strawberries must be fairly clean. Foreign objects that are readily visible must not affect individual berries. Berries must be free from any injury, defect or combination there of other than those listed above which materially affects the appearance.

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